Our Mission

Cavalry began with a simple mission: help brands dominate—no matter their size. 


knows strategic insights set the stage for creative brilliance.

Has a bias for action because marketing is a momentum game.

Begins with an idea, not an execution or a media plan.

Prizes a sense of humor, because minds released from stress
are more likely to create breakthrough work.

Believes in brands and the promises they make to every person.

Stands opposed to the agency nonsense that prevents focusing on client business.

Fails when one person rides off on their own. We rise and fall based on each other.

Knows that exceptional creative must have an element of risk.

Adapts and thrives on a changing world without deviating from our mission.

first and foremost, we are built for Alpha Brands. 

We don’t set out to succeed in a category; we aim to command it.

In our brief history, we’ve impacted not just brands, but entire categories.